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Santa Diabla

Santa Diabla
Santa Diabla Poster (Telemundo Produciton).png
Genre Crime, Suspense, Thriller, Action, Revenge
Format Telenovela
Created by Original Story and Adaptation
José Ignacio Valenzuela
Developed by Telemundo Studios, Miami
Directed by Luis Manzo
Ricardo Schwarz
Miguel Varoni
Arturo Manuitt
Starring Gaby Espino
Aarón Díaz
Carlos Ponce
Ximena Duque
Opening theme Santa Diabla
by Carlos Ponce and Aarón Díaz
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 136 [1]
Executive producer(s) Carmen Cecilia Urbaneja
José Gerardo Guillén
Producer(s) Paola Alliegro
Location(s) Marrero, Louisiana
New Orleans
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 42-45 minutes
Original channel Telemundo
Picture format HDTV 1080i
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Original run August 6, 2013 – February 24, 2014
Preceded by El Señor de los Cielos
Followed by Camelia, la Texana
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Santa Diabla (literally: Holy Devil, English title: Broken Angel) is a Spanish-language telenovela written by José Ignacio Valenzuela, and produced by United States-based television network Telemundo Studios, Miami.[2] The story begins with Gaby Espino starring as the main protagonist, while Aaron Diaz, Carlos Ponce, Ximena Duque, and Wanda D'Isidoro star as the main antagonists.[3]

Telemundo aired the serial as part of its 2013-2014 season. On August 6, 2013, the network began broadcasting Santa Diabla weeknights at 10pm/9c, replacing El Señor de los Cielos.[4][5] As with most of its other telenovelas, the network broadcast English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.


Santa Diabla is the story of Santa Martínez (Gaby Espino), a woman who seeks revenge for the murder of her husband Willy Delgado (Lincoln Palomeque). Santa's revenge includes marrying Humberto Cano (Carlos Ponce), a powerful attorney in Marrero. Humberto hired Willy to give piano lessons to Humberto's niece Daniela Milan (Ana Osorio) at the Cano family's home, until Bárbara Cano (Wanda D'Isidoro), Daniela's mother and Humberto's sister, accused Willy of harassment and attempted rape of her daughter. Blaming the Canos for the unjust death of her husband, Santa intends to destroy the Cano family, but as she tries to complete her mission, she meets and falls in love with Santiago Cano (Aarón Díaz), Humberto and Bárbara's brother. Although Humberto portrays the evil brother throughout much of the story, toward the end it is uncovered that he was doing things to help hide the fact that Santiago Cano was really the evil brother. Santiago's mental disease (dissociative identity disorder) causes him to kill people at will and he exhibits strong psychopathy. He wishes to make Santa his wife by force and the truth finally comes out when people find out it is Santiago who is behind the many murders in Marrero County. Santiago had planned to make his way into Santa's life when he and Willy crossed paths in prison and he found a picture of Santa. Flashbacks recall that everything Santiago ever did was calculating and caniving. In the end Santa chooses Humberto despite the fact that people think he is evil (she knows he has been the good guy the entire time). Humberto is killed by Santiago and Santa never tells him that she becomes pregnant with his child. Santiago is placed in a mental asylum and it is left unclear if he escapes. Barbara Cano and her mother live as prisoners in the family mansion for the rest of their days since Barbara cannot go anywhere since her face becomes scarred by Alicia "La Diabla" Cano, the daughter given up by the Canos several years earlier. Alicia goes to prison for killing Barbara's husband, George, and it is unclear if Willy is willing to wait for Leticia (although he really loves her). In the end, there is barely any redemption left for any character and it goes to show that life just goes on whether things end up good or bad.


Santa Diabla marks the return of Gaby Espino years after participating in Más Sabe el Diablo and Ojo Por Ojo. The telenovela also marks Carlos Ponce's first antagonist role,[6] and the Telemundo debut of Aarón Díaz who signed an exclusivity agreement with Telemundo in 2013.[7] Carlos Ponce and Aarón Díaz composed both the lyrics and music of the theme song of Santa Diabla, and they also performed the theme song for the telenovela.[8][9] Filming of the telenovela began in late May 2013,[10][11] and ended in December 2013.[12]


Actor Character
Gaby Espino Santa Martínez / Amanda Brown
Aarón Díaz Santiago Cano
Carlos Ponce Humberto Cano "El Tiburón Blanco"
Ximena Duque Inés Robledo
Frances Ondiviela Victoria Coletti
Roberto Mateos Patricio Vidal
Lincoln Palomeque Willy Delgado
Wanda D'Isidoro Bárbara Cano
Ezequiel Montalt Jorge "George Milan" Millan
Lis Vega Lisette Guerrero
Zully Montero Hortensia de Santana
Fred Valle Gaspar Cano
Christian de la Campa Franco García Herrera / René Alonso
Maki Soler Alicia Cano "La Diabla"
Virna Flores Paula Delgado
Eduardo Orozco Arturo Santana
Kenya Hijuelos Lucy Medina
Alberich Bormann Iván Cano
Jeimy Osorio Mara Lozano
Raúl Izaguirre Vicente Robledo
Luis Caballero Carlos Coletti
Gilda Haddock Francisca Cano
Gerardo Riverón Father Milton Reverte
Beatriz Valdés Begoña Flores
Pedro Telémaco Lázaro Illianes
Gledys Ibarra Elisa Lozano
María Raquenel Tránsito Carvajal
Javier Valcárcel Francisco "Pancho" Robledo
Ana Osorio Daniela Milan
Carlos Augusto Maldonado Ulises Colleti
Jorge Eduardo García Willy Delgado Jr. / Guillermo Cano
José Ramón Blanch Orlando "El Toro" / Ricardo Hernández
Hector Contreras Cifuentes
Alejandro Rentería Santiago's helper
Jimmy Bernal Alexander Wayne
Evelyn Santos Gloria
Ernesto Faxas Marcos Aguilar
Diana Franco Nurse
Nury Flores Petra
Emily Alvarado Alicia Cano (young)
Michael Matt Agent Colin Phillips
Cristina Figarola Margaret James
D'Michael Haas Felipe Santana
Ana Quintero Mónica Pérez's sister

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Nominated Result
2013 Premios People en Español Best Telenovela José Ignacio Valenzuela Nominated[13]
Best Actress Gaby Espino Nominated[14]
Best Actor Aarón Díaz Nominated[15]
Best Female Antagonist Lis Vega Nominated[16]
Best Male Antagonist Carlos Ponce Nominated[17]
Best Supporting Actress Virna Flores Nominated [18]
Couple of the Year Gaby Espino and Aarón Díaz Nominated[19]
2014 Miami Life Awards Best Telenovela[20] José Ignacio Valenzuela Nominated [20]
Best Leading Female Gaby Espino Nominated [20]
Best Leading Male Carlos Ponce Nominated [20]
Best Supporting Actress Frances Ondiviela Nominated [20]
Best Supporting Actor Javier Valcárcel Won [20]
Best Leading Lady Zully Montero Nominated [20]
Gledys Ibarra Nominated [20]
Best Leading Man Gerardo Riverón Nominated [20]
Roberto Mateos Nominated [20]
Best Young Actor Lincoln Palomeque Nominated [20]
Premios Tu Mundo Novela of the Year José Ignacio Valenzuela Pending [21]
Favorite Lead Actor Aarón Díaz Pending [21]
Favorite Lead Actress Gaby Espino Pending [21]
The Best Bad Boy Aarón Díaz Pending [21]
Carlos Ponce Pending [21]
Best Bad Luck Moment Santa Diabla Pending [21]
The Best Bad Girl Ximena Duque Pending [21]
Best Supporting Actress Frances Ondiviela Pending [21]
María Requenel Pending [21]
The Perfect Couple Gaby Espino and Aarón Díaz Pending [21]
Gaby Espino and Carlos Ponce Pending [21]
First Actress Gilda Haddock Pending [21]
Zully Montero Pending [21]
First Actor Fred Valle Pending [21]

Special AwardsEdit

Year Award Category Recipient
2013 Special Beauty Awards Television Beauty Frances Ondiviela[22]


Country TV network(s) Source
 United States Telemundo [23] [24][25]
 Puerto Rico [26]
 Panama TVN [27]
 Bolivia Unitel [28]
 Ecuador Ecuavisa [29]
 Mexico Gala TV [30]
 Venezuela Televen [31]
 Dominican Republic Telesistema [32]
 Israel Viva [33]
 Armenia Shant TV [34]
 Romania Acasă TV [35]
 Hungary TV2 [36]


  • Literary Advisors: Tabaré Perez & José Vicente Spataro
  • Literary editor: Juan Manuel Andrade
  • Development Manager and supervisor literary telenovela:
    Juan Marcos Blanco
  • Development VP telenovela: Roberto Stopello
  • Main Theme: Santa Diabla
  • Lyrics and Music: Carlos Ponce and Aarón Díaz
  • Performed by: Carlos Ponce and Aarón Díaz
  • Locations: Lily Hurtado & Juliana Zadón
  • Casting Manager: Jessica Caldrello
  • Product Placement: Mónica Aguirre
  • Original Music: Tulio Cremisini
  • Scenery: Arturo Silva
  • Setting: Juliana Mesa
  • Makeup: Martha Fuentes
  • Wardrobe: Cinzia actis Dalo
  • Script: Rosa Pérez and José Rafael Oquendo
  • Talent Call: Óscar Saldarriagas
  • Post-production supervisor: Llader Antivar
  • Audio post-production supervisor: Joaquín Fernández Fernández
  • Colorist davinci: Rafael Pérez
  • Musicality: Rodrigo Maurovich
  • Edition: Ellery Albarran
  • Digital Effect: Aldo González
  • Production coordination: Marlly Tatiana Ferro
  • Foreign productions: Miguel Querales
  • Production Manager: Vladimir Giménez
  • Producer of study: Fiorella Caricchio
  • Assistant Director: Pedro Perdomo and Vandari Gómez
  • Production Monitoring: Elizabeth Suárez
  • Director Casting & Talent: Gustavo Puerta Serrano
  • Photography Address: Argemiro Saavedra and Joseph Martínez
  • Art direction: Valeria Linana
  • General Production: Paola Alliegro
  • Direction: Luis Manzo & Ricardo Schwartz
  • Executive Producer: José Gerardo Guillén
  • Production executive Vice: Carmen Cecilia Urbaneja LL.


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