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Hinduism in Austria

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Hinduism is a minority religion in Austria, and according to the 2001 census, it was the religion of 3629 people. Since 1998, the 'Hindu Community in Austria' (HRÖ), the official representative of Hindus in Austria, has been able to call itself an 'Official registered confessional community', yet does not enjoy full legal recognition from the state.[1]


In 1980 the Bengali Bimal Kundu founded the first Hindu religious society in Austria, for Hindus immigrating from the Indian subcontinent. He now runs a small temple, located at a room in the Afro-Asian Institute.[2] A decade later, the HRÖ was established, and since 1999 has been recognised as an 'Official registered confessional community'. It is one of eleven religious groups that constitute confessional communities according to the Austrian Law on the Status of Religious Confessional Communities.[3] It is not yet a legally recognised religion, and therefore is not eligible for support from the state, however they may be eligible for this after 20 years of existence.[4]

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