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Everest (app)

Developer(s) EVRST Inc.
Initial release December 20, 2012 (2012-12-20)
Development status Active
Operating system iOS
Size 10.7 MB
License Freeware

Everest is a mobile app which aims to help users live life dreams and accomplish personal goals. The app helps users break their dreams (learn to rock climb, travel to India, run a marathon etc.) down into smaller steps, share photos and written content, and includes social features which allow users to connect with others.[1] Everest is available for iOS, but the company says they intend to make Android and web versions available in the future.


Everest was founded in January 2012 by Francis Pedraza (CEO), Katherine Krug (COO), and Victor Mathieux (Chief Product Officer).[2] Everest debuted on 2012-12-20 as a no-cost iOS app for iPhone and iPod Touch.

In May 2014, Everest launched an overhauled 2.0 version of the iPhone app with new branding and features. The updated app was built by Joshua Heiland, Rob Phillips, Julian Bialowas, Chris Cornelis, and Francis Pedraza.

Everest has received funding from a group of investors including Pay-Pal founder Peter Thiel, Boston Celtics co-owner Jim Pallotta, and Milwaukee Brewers owner Mark Attanasio.[3][4]

Tools and featuresEdit

Everest centers around personal profiles on which users list their dreams. Dreams are broken down into an unlimited number of steps which users can create themselves or copy from others. Integrated social features allow users to share dreams, steps, and photos with others on Everest, as well as on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Not unlike other social networks, Everest allows users to follow and comment on the profiles other users.[5]

Brand partnershipsEdit

Everest partners with brands such as Levi's, Quiksilver, and Airbnb to offer sponsored challenges to users. These challenges take the form of popular dreams or experiences, and relate to the gear, services or missions of brand sponsors.[2]

Example: "Quicksilver challenges you to escape on a surf trip."


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