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السود العرب

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Afro-Arab (or Black Arab)[when defined as?]Is commonly used to describe Arabized black person or group (e.g. the Akhdam).[1][2] There are individuals and communities of Afro-Arabs in East Africa, West Africa, North Africa, the Near East and Western Europe.

"Afro-Arab" may also refer to the African Union's efforts to improve co-operation between African countries and those of the Arab world.[3]


In Eastern Arabia's Arab States of the Persian Gulf, descendants of Africans perform Liwa and Fann At-Tanbura music and dance.[4][5] The mizmar is also performed by Afro-Arabs in the Tihamah and Hejaz regions of Saudi Arabia.

In addition, Stambali of Tunisia and Gnawa music of Morocco are both ritual music and dances, which in part trace their origins to West African musical styles.

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